Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Apartment, New Spindle, New Wool

I've started moving out of the monastery and into an apartment (still no job yet...anyone in Northern VA want to hire a mathematician?) and, as promised, I have gotten myself a drop spindle.

On Monday evening I went out to Alexandria to visit Fibre Space. I almost died at least three times due to insane traffic and got horribly lost due to bad, bad Google Maps directions, but it was worth it. A sweet miniature poodle named Bella greeted me in the wool room with lots of love and kisses on my nose and a wonderful woman named Kel helped me pick out wool and a spindle.

I picked the beginners top spindle, which is unremarkable except for the fact that the spindle is a octagon, and 8 oz of gorgeous brown Shetland roving. I spent the entire drive home fondling the wool with one hand. Oddly enough, there were no near death experiences on the way home, just an excessive amount of traffic. Wool must be good for my driving.

My pretty, pretty roving.

Split roving with less flash...not sure why about the less flash bit.

I managed about ten yards last night and broke it off so that I could practice setting the twist. This morning it was dry, so I wound it into a cute little bundle. It's horribly inconsistent and wouldn't be good to work with (plus, there's very little of it), so it is living on a bookshelf in my new apartment as a keep sake.

I dare you to tell me my yarn isn't adorable.

I managed another 28 yards or so this evening before the spindle filled up. It's slightly more consistent and I'm hoping to get enough from this batch of wool to make a hat.

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