Monday, March 21, 2011

A New Start, A New Blog

How's this for a new story? I'm moving out of a monastery. I was becoming a nun and now I'm not. Have you heard that one before?

There are, of course, many more details to that particular story, but it isn't what this blog is about. This blog is about my compulsive knitting habit. Knitting is my stress reliever of choice and life's been stressful lately, so here I am, churning out sweaters like mad. Thankfully, the nuns hold an annual craft sale, so the fact that I'm making more sweaters than I have use for isn't a problem.

My current obsession is learning sweater design based off this template. Right now I'm working of a grey men's sweater with this design on the front:

It will most likely end up as a turtle neck sweater. The yarn is very soft and I think would be nice even against sensitive skin like that on one's neck.

I'm using Stitch Nation's Bamboo Ewe blend in Mercury. It's a lovely, lovely blend to work with. I've done a couple sweater with SN's Full o' Sheep and it's a joy to knit with, but it pills like nobody's business. I still love knitting with it; one just needs a sweater comb handy after wearing a piece made out it. Anywho, I have high hopes for the Bamboo Ewe blend and want to eventually use it to knit this sweater, probably in Twilight.

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